Friday, September 30, 2011

Blue Floral Boatneck Shirt

Make #2

This quick and easy shirt is the second piece I made on my "wardrobe replenishment project" after moving to LA.  I used one of my fav patterns and modified the arms to get this look.  

To create a casual outfit, I coupled this shirt with a pair of American Apparel skinnies and oxfords.  To create a sexy look, I swapped out the oxfords for my red platform wedges. 

I felt so rewarded when I wore my shirt to the taping of Conan O'Brien with the hubs.  For that outting, I opted for the more comfy oxfords. ;)
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Yard Wonder: Strapless Ruffle Maxi Dress

Make #1

So here's the scoop on this dress.

My sister and I ventured to the FIDM Scholarship store in Downtown, LA during her first visit here.  She found this lovely fabric and we purchased 4 yards of it (intending to split it 2 yards each).  However, after she selected the dress she wanted me to make her, I realized that I would have about 1 yard left to make something for myself.

A couple of days later, I ventured to FIDM to get 2 more yards of the fabric since making a dress out of 1 yard would be a challenge if at all possible.  So I returned to the scholarship store just in time to see the girl in line in front of me holding the remaining fabric (which turns out was 2 yards...what are the chances?!!).

I was hoping there would be fabric left over after her purchase since as I was next in line.  Instead, I watched as she purchased all of the remaining fabric! I literally missed getting the extra fabric by minutes (minutes probably lost figuring out parking but I digress).  Can you believe the irony?

But anywho, I decided to work with the remaining fabric and Voila!

Check out My One Yard Wonder below!

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New Beginnings: Introduction of Weekly Sewing Project

Recently, I moved to California (by way of Florida).  The moving process was insane but the drive here was awesome and I'll never forget it!

Well anyways, in the process of moving I got rid of tons of stuff including a lot of my clothes and shoes.  As a result, I did not really have anything to wear out.

So, I decided that I wanted to embark on a weekly sewing project.  I figured what better way to beef up my wardrobe while simultaneously improving my sewing skills.  Since practice makes perfect I might as well get it in with the added perk of rocking what I make.  Check me out! I hope you like it because I made it!
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