Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Yard Wonder: Strapless Ruffle Maxi Dress

Make #1

So here's the scoop on this dress.

My sister and I ventured to the FIDM Scholarship store in Downtown, LA during her first visit here.  She found this lovely fabric and we purchased 4 yards of it (intending to split it 2 yards each).  However, after she selected the dress she wanted me to make her, I realized that I would have about 1 yard left to make something for myself.

A couple of days later, I ventured to FIDM to get 2 more yards of the fabric since making a dress out of 1 yard would be a challenge if at all possible.  So I returned to the scholarship store just in time to see the girl in line in front of me holding the remaining fabric (which turns out was 2 yards...what are the chances?!!).

I was hoping there would be fabric left over after her purchase since as I was next in line.  Instead, I watched as she purchased all of the remaining fabric! I literally missed getting the extra fabric by minutes (minutes probably lost figuring out parking but I digress).  Can you believe the irony?

But anywho, I decided to work with the remaining fabric and Voila!

Check out My One Yard Wonder below!

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  1. I absolutely Loooooovvvveeee this dress. The color is amazing on you!

  2. Wow, that's only a yard!? The dress is fab, LOOOVE the bottom!!

  3. OMG... wow ... wow... wow.... this dress is fantastic and the color of the cardigan is cherry on the top! bravo
    thank you for your lovely comments and for following, here i am following you back.

  4. Love it!! Amazing! Gonna make a ruffle maxi this weekend :) and if not too lazy, make a blogpost lol


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