Friday, September 30, 2011

Blue Floral Boatneck Shirt

Make #2

This quick and easy shirt is the second piece I made on my "wardrobe replenishment project" after moving to LA.  I used one of my fav patterns and modified the arms to get this look.  

To create a casual outfit, I coupled this shirt with a pair of American Apparel skinnies and oxfords.  To create a sexy look, I swapped out the oxfords for my red platform wedges. 

I felt so rewarded when I wore my shirt to the taping of Conan O'Brien with the hubs.  For that outting, I opted for the more comfy oxfords. ;)
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  1. OMG, where did you get those red shoes!?

  2. i got them from Wild Pair. They had them at but I think the red ones sold out online. They still have them at Wild Pair the last time I checked.

  3. such a red colour of that amazing shoes. I love it...I always died for red shoes. Amazing as always!

  4. What kind of pattern did you use for this? I know you said you made the cream dress from the same one?

  5. Love how you styled the pretty blue/white top with those killer red wedges!!


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