Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sew Stylings Sundays Poll

To Modify or Not to Modify?

That is the question I ask myself when I buy something I like that is not quite what I was expecting. For this week's Sew Stylings Poll, I want your thoughts on my decision to modify this dress into a skirt instead. I tried it out as a skirt and loved it! However, I would love to hear your thoughts on which you prefer.

To Modify or Not to Modify? Skirt vs. Dress
Want to hear how I got into this little dilemma in the first place and see more pics?

So here's the deal:
I recently snagged a really cute navy blue tiered ruffle dress. By now, you all know how much I love ruffles.  You can never go wrong with a ruffle in my book (as I'm sure I have said many times before). ;)

Well, I was in a hurry when I bought this dress and didn't get to try it out but you know me and ruffles. So of course I bought it.  When I got home and tried it on, it just wasn't working for some reason. I didn't really want to return this dress because it really is a lovely fabric and I love navy blue as well.  I tried tucking in the top of the dress to create it a skirt and I actually really liked it.

However, before I make the commitment to permanently modify this dress, I wanted to see what you all think. I'm certainly leaning more towards modifying it into a skirt (and making something else with the remaining top part) but I'm open to opinions on the matter. Skirt or dress? ;) 

What the top would look after the dress surgery. ;)
Once, the skirt part of the dress is gone it might make a really cute crop top for the bold at heart. Otherwise, I may consider adding a different fabric to the bottom to create a regular top.  Hmmm...

Dress looking like a shirt.
In this picture the dress kind of looks like a shirt does it? That would have been super cute!

This picture shows the dress kind of flared out.

Another flared spread out pic of what the dress looks like.

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  1. it looks pretty as a dress as well as a skirt!! looks lovely!! :)
    new post up on my blog

    1. It really does look great both ways but I feel the skirt looks better on to me since it gives a little more length than the dress. The dress wears a little short for my taste which might be the biggest problem I have with it! :) Thanks for sharing your input! ;)

  2. I think it will be a fab skirt.I think as a dress it would look good on a very skinny person.
    So curious about what you will decide at the end, dear.

    Chic Sicily

    1. I totally agree with you Jana. I feel like the skirt will be more versatile than the dress. Also, since the dress is a little shorter than I thought, I agree that it would look better on a really skinny person too. My thoughts exactly! ;) Thanks for sharing! ;)


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