Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Neon Leaves

BCOOTD: Working Neons
The Styling
LeSportSac Bag 

Wearing neon colored clothes to work can be a little risky.  Even with a more casual dress code, incorporating neons into a work appropriate look can be a little daunting.  Here's a few tips to help you get your neons in to the workplace before summer's end.
Tip 1:

Pair your neons with neutral colored pieces.  With this look olive green was my neutral which ended up pairing nicely with the corals, blues, and yellow neons in my outfit.  More typical neutrals would include whites, khakis, grays, and in some cases black (though black would be the riskier of the bunch). 

Tip 2:

Neons make great accent pieces.  Accessories such as shoes, bags, jewelry, and headpieces are great and less risky ways of throwing in the neons.  Accessories eliminate the risk of overdoing these bright colors almost entirely.

Tip 3:

The season is everything.  You pretty much can't go wrong with wearing neon pieces in the summer. Neon colors are a little more difficult to pull off in any other season and requires careful selection when venturing your neons outside of summer.

Tip 4:

Pick more conservative pieces in neon colors.  That way the riskiest part of your look is simply the hue of color.  Definitely want to stick to more simple and clean lines when picking neon work clothes.

Tip 5:

Wear it with confidence.  You can get away with just about anything when you rock it like you mean it.

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